All research issues in wireless networks become much more complex than those in wired networks due to time-varying channel characteristics and interference relationship among neighboring links The features originating from wireless often make simulation have very different results from reality and thus prevent new protocols from wide deployment in practice. Thus, to bridge the gap from simulation and practice, we focus on experimentation-based evaluation for developing new protocols such as MAC scheduling and routing algorithms. As a good example, through our code-reuse platform called CommonCode, we evaluate some nice optimal cross-layer protocol, optimal CSMA, which is based on CSMA used in 802.11 technology.

Moreover, we study also technical challenges of wireless network virtualization for a networking environment that allows multiple service provider to dynamically compose multiple heterogeneous virtual networks that coexist together in isolation from each other.



Research Topics
- Testbed implementation and measurement
- Cross-layer protocol design
- 802.11 improvement
- Experimental platform development

Research Members
- Ph.D: Junhee Lee, Jinsung Lee, Jihwan Kim

On-going Projects
- Ultra Small Cell Based Autonomic Wireless Networks
- Sponsor: KCC
- Period: 2009.3 ~ 2012.2