Many researchers from networking and financial sectors forecast that by 2014, the total mobile data traffic throughout the world will grow exponentially and reach about 3.6 extrabytes per month, 39 times increase from 2009. Pushed by the explosive demand mainly from bandwidth-hungry multimedia and Internet-related services in broadband wireless cellular networks, communication engineers seek to maximally exploit the spectral resources in all available dimensions. There are two movements for exploiting the network resources; first is towards to maximize network capacity by mitigating inter-cell interferences or reducing cell coverage or using smart antenna techniques (Beamforming). The other movement is reducing network energy such as base station and mobile station power consumption with reasonable network throughput (Network Greening). These problems are jointly related to resource control problem such as user scheduling, power allocation, power management policies and base station association.
Our group interests to analyze existing well known resource control technique on mathematical background, and ultimately developing fully distributed or utility-optimal resource control algorithms on existing or future cellular network environments.



Research Topics
- Radio Resource Management
- Resource Allocation in Multi-Carrier System
- Interference Mitigation in Multi-Cell System
- Cellular Network Greening

Research Members
Ph.D: Jeongho Kwak, Jihwan Kim

On-going Projects
Capacity-approaching RRM Generation Broadband Mobile Access Technology
Sponsor: LG 전자
Period: 2012. 6 ~ 2013. 5