Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) is an approach to computer network architecture that seeks to address the technical issues in heterogeneous networks that may lack continuous network connectivity. Our group investigates link opportunity due to mobility pattern of nodes. Also, we focus on developing optimal resource allocation for DTNs. [more]


All research issues in wireless networks become much more complex than those in wired networks due to time-varying channel characteristics and interference relationship among neighboring links The features originating from wireless often make simulation have very different results from reality and thus prevent new protocols from wide deployment in practice. Moreover, we study also technical challenges of wireless network virtualization for a networking environment that allows multiple service provider to dynamically compose multiple heterogeneous virtual networks that coexist together in isolation from each other. [more]


Many researchers from networking and financial sectors forecast that by 2014, the total mobile data traffic throughout the world will grow exponentially and reach about 3.6 extrabytes per month, 39 times increase from 2009. Our group interests to analyze existing well known resource control technique on mathematical background, and ultimately developing fully distributed or utility-optimal resource control algorithms on existing or future cellular network environments. [more]