EE210 Probability and Introductory Random Processes

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Course Schedule

The course schedule is likely to change throughout the semester. Please check this page periodically.

last update: 2017-08-25

  Week     Topcis  
1   Set Theory    
2   Probability Axioms and Consequences
3   Calculation of Probability and Representation of Probability Model
4   Discrete Random Variables: PMF and CDF
5   Discrete Random Variable: Functions of Random Variables
6   Continuous Random Variables: CDF and PDF
7   Continuous Random Variables: Families of Continuous Random Variables
8   Pairs of Random Variables: Joint PMF and PDF
9   Pairs of Random Variables: Functions of Two Random Variables
10   Random Vectors: Probability Models of N Random Variables
11   Random Vectors: Functions of Random Vectors
12   Sums of Random Variables
13   Central Limit Theorem
14   Random Processes: Notations, Properties, and Correlation Functions
15   Random Processes: Examples
16   Summary

EE210 Probability and Introductory Random Processes