Post-doc Students:

Yoora Kim (Post-doc in 2010, Post-doc with Prof. Ness Shroff at OSU in 2011-2013): Assistant Professor at University of Ulsan, Korea

Ph.D Students:

Yeongjin Kim (Ph.D in 2017, MS in 2013): Samsung Electronics
  Thesis: "Control of Multi-Resource Infrastructures in Mobile Cloud-Edge Computing"
Okyoung Choi (Ph.D in 2016, MS in 2012): Samsung Electronics
  Thesis: “Quality of Service Scheduling in Communication Systems”
Jihwan Kim (Ph.D. in 2015, MS in 2011): Samsung Electronics
  Thesis: “Performance and Energy Optimization Issues in Heterogeneous Cooperative Wireless Networks”
Joungho Kwak (Post-doc in 2015, Ph.D. in 2015, MS in 2011): Post-doc with Prof. George Iosifidis at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
  Thesis: “Energy Optimization in Wireless Heterogeneous Networks: Exploiting Energy-Capacity-Delay Tradeoffs”
Jaeseong Jeong (Ph.D. in 2014, MS in 2010, Post-doc with Prof. Alexandre Proutiere at KTH, Sweden): Ericsson Research, Stockholm, Sweden
  Thesis: “Forwarding, Sensing and Prediction in Human-driven Mobile Opportunistic Networks”
Joohyun Lee (Post-doc in 2014, Ph.D. in 2014, MS in 2010): Post-doc with Prof. Ness Shroff at OSU, USA
  Thesis: “Mobility-driven Offloading System: Architecture, Scheduling and Economic Analysis”
Jinsung Lee (Ph.D. in 2012, MS in 2005): Samsung Electronics
  Thesis: “Making CSMA/CA Optimal in Wireless Multi-hop Networks”
Junhee Lee (Ph.D. in 2012): Chief Executive Officer of COXEM Inc.
  Thesis: “CommonCode: A Code-Reuse Platform for Wireless Network Experimentation”
Kyuho Son (Ph.D. in 2010, MS in 2004, Post-doc at USC with Prof. Bhaskar Krishnamachari): T-Mobile, Bellevue, WA, USA
  Thesis: “Utility Optimal Load Balancing and Interference Management in Multi-cell Networks”
Kyunghan Lee (Ph.D. in 2009, MS in 2004, Post-doc at NCSU with Prof. Injong Rhee): Assistant Professor at UNIST, Korea
  Thesis: “Human Mobility Patterns and Their Impact on Wireless Mobile Networks”
Hyangwon Lee (Ph.D. in 2007, MS in 2003, Post-doc at MIT with Prof. Eytan Modiano): Assistant Professor at Kunkuk University, Korea
  Thesis: “Utility-based Cross-layer Radio Resource Management in Wireless Networks”
Wonseok Park (Ph.D. in 2006): LG Electronics
  Thesis: “A Joint Congestion Control and Burst Contention Control Design for Optical Burst Switching Networks”
Minsu Shin (Ph.D. in 2006, Post-doc at NCSU with Prof. Injong Rhee): Samsung Electronics
  Thesis: “Bandwidth Allocation with Processing Constraint”
Jeongwoo Cho (Ph.D. in 2005, Post-doc at EPFL with Prof. Jean-Yves Le Boudec and at NTNU with Prof. Yuming Jiang): Assistant Professor at KTH, Stockholm, Sweden
  Thesis: “A Control-theoretic Approach to Flow Control in Communication Networks”
Hyungkeun Ryu (Ph.D. in 2005): Korea Telecom
  Thesis: “Flow-controlled IP Trunking for Traffic Engineering in IP Networks”
Seongjun Bae (Ph.D. in 2004): ETRI
  Thesis: “Parallel Multimedia Streaming over the Internet”

Master Students:

Jaewhan Jeong (MS in 2017): Samsung Electronics
Jihyun Lee (MS in 2009): Ph.D. student in ECE, OSU with Prof. Eylem Ekici
Youngki Kim (MS in 2009): Ph.D. student in Information Technology, The University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia, with Prof. Albert Y. Zomaya
Jeongho Jeon (MS in 2008, Ph.D. in EE, U. of Maryland with Prof. Anthony Ephremides in 2013): Intel, Santa Clara, CA, USA
Anseok Lee (MS in 2008): ETRI
Cheoljung Kim (MS in 2006): Dentist
Seungho Song (MS in 2006, MBA at U. of California, Berkeley in 2013): Samsung Electronics
Dongho Kim (MS in 2005, Ph.D. in ECE, UIUC with Prof. Yih-Chun Hu in 2012): AT&T Labs, San Ramon, CA, USA
Byungkwon Moon (MS in 2005): passed away in Dec. 2012
Junsung Kim (MS in 2004, Ph.D. in ECE, CMU with Prof. Raj Rajkumar in 2014): Delphi, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Sangyoon Yi (MS in 2004, Ph.D. in Management Engineering at KAIST in 2009): Assistant Professor at KAIST Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy, Korea
Hyungje Cho (MS in 2002): SK Telecom
Hyunhee Chung (MS in 2000): Samsung Electronics
Joonyoung Park (MS in 2000): Samsung Electronics
Soonhwan Kwon (MS in 2000): Samsung Electronics
Junghoon Kim (MS in 2000): Synaptics Korea
Jongmin Son (MS in 2000): Samsung Electronics
Jaeyoung Lee (MS in 2000): Broadcom Korea
Hyunmok Joung (MS in 1999): Samsung Electronics
Sangdo Park (MS in 1999): Samsung Electronics
Sangho Lee (MS in 1999): Korea Telecom